Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Celtic Motherhood Knot

The ancient Celts used knot-work as decoration with each unique twist and turn depicting a 
Celtic Motherhood Knot Necklace - The Irish Gift House
different meaning. So it is the case with the Celtic Motherhood Knot that is a demonstration of the strong bond which exists between a mother and child while merging and including their heritage and faith.
The basis of the Celtic Motherhood Knot is an inconspicuous Trinity knot, a design in itself that has a maternal meaning. In Christianity the Trinity knot represents the Holy Trinity by depicting God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit as one; however prior to Christianity reaching Ireland, this same knot was known as a triple goddess that represented the three stages of womanhood.  The number three was powerful in itself to the pagan Celts and the three stages of the triple goddess knot are virgin, mother and wise crone.

Two intertwined hearts, with one above the other are combined into this design that forms the Celtic motherhood knot. The continuous entanglement of the Celtic mother's knot depicts the parent and child in a loving embrace.
The Irish Gift House is proud to offer a spectacular selection of Celtic knot necklaces but with Mother's Day just around the corner we are particularly happy to feature the Celtic Motherhood Knot necklace that is made for us in Ireland by Solvar Jewelry. Like all our sterling silver Celtic necklaces this special design for Irish mothers has been hallmarked by Irish Assay Office at Dublin Castle in Ireland and it is also part of the Fáilte Collection that is enhanced with both a heavier pendant and chain.   

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Irish Jokes from The Irish Gift House

The Irish Gift House has hundreds of Irish jokes for you to enjoy and share and just in time for St. Patrick's Day we have recently added dozens of new laughs to our content.

Sure, many of our funny stories are stereotypical and yer man Paddy is often the hero or the butt of the gag, but they are all meant in good humor as in the end, as history has taught us, the Irish always prevail.

We have 12 categories that include Limericks and Irish drinking jokes along with love and marriage and Irish logic joke sections.
irish jokes - the irish gift house.jpg
You are welcome browse our selections and we hope that you get a good laugh or two in the process.

You are also welcome to copy and use these jokes to entertain your friends; just make sure that you use an Irish brogue in your presentation!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Irish Blessings

irish blessings - the irish gift house.jpgAre you looking for an Irish blessing to share with friends or maybe for an important toast that you are giving? The Irish Gift House has created a brand new page on our site where we have assembled a collection of over 60 Irish blessings for your enjoyment and you are free to copy them for your own use.

The Irish are well known for their wit and wisdom and this is evident throughout their proverbs and sayings that are available for every occasion from birth to death.  An Irish blessing will hall mark life's milestones such as marriage with eloquence or address an adversary in such a way that even in a curse there is humor to be found.
You will also find on our Irish blessing page what is known as Irish diplomacy that is written with the talent of flattery that one receives after kissing the Blarney Stone.
Our variety of traditional Irish blessings ranges from toasts to curses and you are most welcome to copy and use them in your next big speech.
You are also welcome to browse our assortment of Irish blessing plaques and don't miss the Irish blessing plates when you are looking for the perfect sentiment for your gift giving occasions.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Accessories - the Newest Category at The Irish Gift House

st patricks day accessories - the irish gift house.jpg
Faith and BegorrahSt. Patrick's Day is almost here!  Just in time for the festivities on March 17, The Irish Gift House has created a new section on our site that is appropriately named St. Patrick's Day Accessories.   You will quickly see that If you are looking for a place to get your green on for high holy day you have found the right spot.

For the wearin' of the green we have an assortment of St. Patrick's Day Clothing and Costumes that range from Irish party hats and green wigs for your head to shamrock socks and slippers for your feet along with a host of other festive accessories. 

The green shamrock is the most recognizable symbol associated with Ireland and it can be found with great abundance among our St. Patrick's Day Decorations.  You will find embellishments worthy of the Irish saint that will adorn your home from the ceiling to table that include cut outs along with banners and centerpieces.  

Everyone is Irish on March 17 and everyone will appreciate celebratory St. Patrick's Day gifts.  For that reason we have assembled an eclectic assortment of fun favors that will amuse the young and old alike.  Many of these gifts could easily also act as decorations or as the last detail for your outfit and range from plush leprechauns to shamrock dice.   

To pull off this grand day in style you may want to browse our selection of St. Patrick's Day Jewelry.  Here you will find silver tone or gold tone metal bracelets and necklaces along with earrings and lapel pins that are enhanced with shamrocks galore.  Many of these pieces also feature the Claddagh and some have Celtic knots.

Last but not least is the selection of St. Patrick's Day Beaded Jewelry.  This category features shiny and inexpensive green beads for your Irish celebration.  This jewelry is ideal for sharing with your friends and that will surely bring you the luck of the Irish.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Irish Clothing from The Irish Gift House - A Great Way to Show Your Irish Pride on St. Patrick's Day.

The Irish Gift House happy to proclaim that we have just finished giving our Irish clothing section a
irish clothing - the irish gift house.jpg
facelift, and it is just in time for St. Patrick's Day!   

Many of the garments in this section, from the Irish flat caps to the Irish sweatshirts with Celtic knots, have received new and much improved product images and everything has been given fresher product descriptions.   This section was overdue for a good sprucing and we hope that you enjoy the results that include some new Irish clothing categories such as Irish beanies for your head and shamrock socks along with shamrock slippers for your feet.

 The most popular Irish clothing categories remain with the Irish t-shirts section reigning supreme with our customers, but the Irish polo shirts and the Irish rugby shirts also get their due.  In fact with St. Patrick's Day being on a Friday in 2017 these two sections should prove to be very popular for casual Fridays at the office.  If you don't dress down when you are at work, you may always select from our shamrock ties; we have several to choose from that range from conservative to festive.

Naturally we have a section for Irish women's clothing with flattering feminine designs.  The ladies may also with to browse our Irish scarves to find both fashionable and warm styles.

For the wee ones we have Irish baby clothing that ranges from shamrock onesie outfits to dresses for toddlers and we also have an assortment of  Children's Irish t-shirt.  Some of these t-shirt designs are available in sizes that range from infant to 3XL adult so children and parents may wear the same style shirt.

For the wearing of the green on March 17 we have a grand assortment of St. Patrick's Day clothing and costume accessories that vary from leprechaun hats and shamrock hair bows for your head to shamrock stocking for your legs along with everything in between.  We will cover more of this section in our next blog post.