Monday, August 28, 2017

Irish Christmas Decorating

From weddings to wakes, nobody celebrates like the Irish, so Christmas is absolutely no exception.
Irish Christmas Decorating
For this reason The Irish Gift House offers a plethora of Irish Christmas decorations that are available in several different categories.
The Irish Christmas ornaments section is one of the largest categories on our site where we offer in excess of 250 different baubles for your tree. Separately indexed is our collection of over 100 different Belleek ornaments that includes a series of bells. These two sections, along with our Royal Tara ornaments, gives you almost 400 different choices.

The Irish angel tree toppers is another popular tree decorating category. You will find several illuminated designs that will compliment both your tree and your heritage. Our designs abound with shamrocks and have the assurance of being UL listed.
An Irish Santa figurine will stand out as a treasured centerpiece that you may wish to display throughout the year. Among these figurines you will find shamrock Santa decorations that include ornaments along with brooches and d├ęcor items.

Jesus is the reason for the season, so our selections would be incomplete without our Celtic advent wreaths so that you may welcome the Son of God on his birthday.

Another decorating idea, with the baby Jesus at the center, is our Irish nativity designs that include both figurines and ornaments.
So party with the Irish; just try to keep up!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Harp, not the shamrock, is the national symbol of Ireland.

The iconic shamrock is the most recognizable symbol associated with the Emerald Isle but it is the
Irish Harp
Irish harp that is the official symbol of Ireland. The harp is found on official documents and Ireland's coat of arms; it may also be found on uniforms and the presidential flag and passports. The harp has long been present on Irish coinage and it is currently embossed on Irish Euro coins. A version of this Irish symbol is also the cost of arms for the Irish province of Linster.

With a history that dates back over 1,000 years, the sound of an Irish harp is unique in that the sound board is hollowed out of a single block of willow wood. Harpist were held in high esteem in the Irish social order and were part of the court of Kings and noblemen.

An interesting fact is that in 1922 when the harp was adopted as the national symbol by the newly formed Irish Republic, the design, of what is known as the Brian Boru harp, had to be modified. The reason for the modification is that Guinness has been using the harp as its logo since 1862. The work around is that the sound board or the straight edge of the Guinness harp is on the left while the Irish government harp had to appear with its sound board on the right.
Irish Harp JewelryThe harp is also present on Great Britain's Royal Coat of Arms. This is ironic being how is was the English, who viewed the instrument as a symbol of opposition to the crown, who outlawed the harp in 16th century. This ban cause almost a complete demise as most harp music was not written; however, in 1792 an Irish harp festive was held in Belfast and one Edward Bunting is credited in saving the music for prosperity by writing it down on paper.

At The Irish Gift House we also play a minor role in preserving this part of your proud heritage with Irish harp jewelry. We feature a grand selection of Irish harp necklaces and brooches along with Irish harp charms and earrings.