Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Celtic Wedding Bands for All

Celtic Wedding Bands for All
The Irish Gift House is proud to announce that we have boldly enhanced our category of Celtic Wedding Bands. In fact, we may now offer the single largest collection of Celtic wedding rings ever assembled, with hundreds of designs that are available with thousands of options.

Naturally, we offer wedding bands with various Celtic knots, including the Trinity, but we also feature the Newgrange Spiral along with love knots that incorporate interlaced hearts. Your will also find several incarnations of the Celtic Warrior Shield that is influenced by the motif found on the ancient Ardagh Chalice, one of Ireland's national treasures.
Celtic Wedding Bands - Newgrange Spiral

You will be pleased to find that all of our Celtic Wedding Bands are made in Ireland, crafted with the precious metals of your choice. The options include several carat weights of both gold and white gold, along with sterling silver, platinum and palladium; in many cases you may commission a bespoke creation that is distinctively constructed to your specifications.
Celtic Wedding Bands - Love Knot
Additional options include filigree, engraved and embossed designs along with many widths and weights. You may also choose Celtic Wedding bands that are offered with rims, which are in turn, also offered in different weights. With all these possibilities you are sure to create a ring that is as unique as you.
Celtic Wedding Bands - Warrior ShieldBecause of our vast selection, we offer a price point for every
budget, with sterling silver designs starting at under one hundred dollars, to heavy platinum creations priced in the thousands.

With over 25 years experience, The Irish Gift House has provided Celtic Wedding Bands for multiple generations within the same family, and we will be happy to assist you too.
Celtic Wedding Bands - Trinity Knot

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Claddagh Wedding Band or Claddagh Ring

Claddagh Wedding Bands or Claddagh Rings, their differences and similarities is the latest blog
Claddagh Rings
from The Irish Gift House.

However, we have changed our format and you will now find the post published directly on our site at:

By the way, we just added a boatload of new Claddagh wedding bands to our site. These rings from TJH in Ireland are crafted of precious metals that include yellow gold and white gold, in three carat weights, along with sterling silver, platinum and palladium. You are welcome to select various metal combinations within the respective bands and will find over 500 different possible selections.

You will also also fine that our Claddagh bands include selections that feature Celtic knot-work along with others that have the words, love, loyalty and friendship embossed in the center.

Claddagh Wedding Bands
Our selection also includes Claddagh wedding bands from Solvar Jewelry along with those from James S. O'Connor Jewelry.

Naturally, we also feature a host of sterling silver Claddagh rings along with masculine Claddagh rings. Many of our designs feature precious stones, so don't miss our selections of emerald Claddagh rings along with diamond Claddagh rings. You may want to use any of them as an engagement ring.

No matter which design you select, you can be assured that every one is made in Ireland and is hallmarked by the Irish Assay Office at Dublin Castle.