Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Connemara Marble

Very little gold along with very little silver is mined in Ireland, but what they do have in their mountains and hills is the only green colored marble in the world, Connemara marble.  This natural mineral, with its exclusive green coloration,  is often referred to as Ireland's gem stone, and can only be sourced from a remote area in western Ireland.
Connemara marble is estimated to be over 600 million years old and was formed under heated pressure when limestone and various serpentine minerals amalgamated. This resulted in the beautiful striations that range in color from green to gray with no two pieces of the natural element the same.

Connemara marble was once used as a medium of exchange in parts of ancient Ireland while today it is a fashionable accent for jewelry along with gift items. The stone has also enjoyed architectural prominence as it lines the walls of the Senate Chamber in the Pennsylvania Capital Building along with the floor of the Galway Cathedral. You will also find Connemara marble crafted as counter tops in fine homes throughout the world.
According to legend, Connemara Marble is thought to bring tranquility to those who keep it close.

The Irish Gift House
is very pleased to report that we have just finished updating our extensive Connemara Marble Jewelry section on our site. With over 200 different products from respected Irish designers, such as Solvar Jewelry and All That Glisters, it was both exciting and challenging, but we added brand new choices along with updating the product descriptions and many of the
product images.

Our assortments are listed in 10 product categories that include Connemara marble necklaces and Connemara marble earrings that are enhanced with iconic symbols that include the Claddagh along with Celtic designs; however, we have so many Connemara marble crosses that we felt compelled to grant them their own separate section.

Many of our design, such as some of our many of the Connemara marble bracelets, do not have an Irish or Celtic motif, but they are still as Irish as you can get considering where the stone is sourced and the jewelry is made. You may be interested to know that we include our own Connemara Marble history card with each purchase.

Ireland has long been called the Emerald Isle, due to the green beauty of the landscape. It is so appropriate that Connemara marble, the only green marble in the world, is only found in the Emerald Isle

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