Friday, July 20, 2018

Irish Flat Caps

The flat cap is the ubiquitous head-wear for an Irishman; it is a rounded woolen cap with a small stiff
Irish Flat Caps
brim in the front. The flat cap is very comfortable to wear and it is able to take a beating while providing many years of use. The cap is woven of Irish wool in various tweeds along with solid colors and even patches to create a patch cap.

The flat cap had been considered the typical Irish cap for those in various trades; however, it is now stylish for those of any stature. The Irish flat cap has gone from working class to mainstream.

The Irish flat cap is also commonplace on the golf course. The popularity increasing with golfing greats, such as Ben Hogan and Walter Hagen, wearing these Irish wool caps on the links. Could wearing this iconic cap improve your game?

Over the years the Irish flat cap has taken on many nicknames such as scully cap along with driving cap and newsboy cap.   

The woolen flat cap has been fashionable for centuries but there is an ironic twist as to how it gained popularity in Ireland. In 1571, the English Parliament, in an endeavor to force an increase in domestic wool consumption, and its subsequent increased tax collection, enacted a law that decreed all males over the age of 6 to wear woolen head-wear on Sundays and holidays. Those in violation received a fine of 3 farthings per day. Ireland was under English rule and domination during this period of time, so the edict was also imposed upon the Irish.  

The Act was repealed in 1597, but by then the flat cap had become resolutely ingrained in Irish society.

The Irish Gift House is proud to offer a collection of Irish made flat caps that are available in 7 different colors and styles.    

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